Open Enrollment for 2015-016

Open Enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year begins December 1st.


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iPad Tips for the Break

Tip 1: Store it
If you are going away for the holidays or just want to ensure the iPad is safe, it’s perfectly fine to ask the school to store the iPad. Please make sure it is charged and shut down before storing it. It will put it in a locked, safe location and be ready to go after the holiday.

Tip 2: Cover it
If you and your student want to use the iPad over the holiday please remember to keep it in the protective case so it’s protected and out of the elements.

Tip 3: Find it
Make sure that your student has turned on Find my iPad (Settings | iCloud) and that you know how to use the service. Information on this can be found on the LTP Parent page located on your student’s device or at the website (you might want to bookmark this site for future use).

Tip 4: Lost it?
If your iPad is lost over the holidays, FIRST, try to locate it using these directions. If that doesn’t work, please use this form to submit a request. When you do so, the iPad be locked and that will give us your permission to attempt to assist you in locating it. Your school will follow up with more information after the holiday break.

Tip 5: Enjoy it
Read a book from our District Digital Library.  Visit

Enjoy your holiday!

Meet the Principal

Joshua Barnett
Direct Line:
(970) 535-4446


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