Keep our students reading!  Sora is a great digital library provided by  SVVSD for all students to access. Students can check out ebooks and/or audiobook from all genres and levels.  Simply install the Sora app from self-service on the iPad or access it on the Ceran page. Find our school and login using your school login and password.  

Research clearly shows that students who read find higher levels of success in all areas of school and beyond.  The digital library provides students with reading material at all times. Now our students are able to access books after school, on weekends and during breaks.  

Another great benefit of the digital library is a wonderful selection of audio books.  Audio books provide the opportunity for students to hear what reading sounds like and opens the doors for all students to enjoy and experience books that may be difficult for them to read independently.  The article, To Your Brain, Audiobooks are Not ‘Cheating’ does a great job explaining the benefits of audiobooks.