Bulldog BARK

The Bulldog BARK!


Be Kind

Act with Good Citizenship

Refuse to Quit

Know How To Own It


Looks Like:

Students demonstrate...

- I think about what I’m doing or saying and it’s impact on others

- I am not deliberately mean or hurtful in my speech or actions

- I recognize and try to help those in need

- I never go along with prejudices, racism or discriminatory attitudes


- I do my part to care for my school, home and our world

- I am truthful, sincere and straightforward

- I do what I can to take care of the school environment

- I think about the common good; I get involved or talk to adults when I see problems

- I view struggle and failure as a learning moment- it’s feedback for how to do better next time

- I set goals, evaluate my progress and stay focused

- When a task is difficult, I don’t give up or shut down- I make a plan and use my resources

- Fear of failure or “not good enough” doesn’t stop me from trying my best

- I take responsibility for what I do and for what goes on around me

- I think about the effects of my choices

- I am careful to not blame others or make excuses

- I work hard to recover from mistakes


Adapted from "Character Education Lesson Plans, Activities, Programs, Resources." Character Education. Web. 17 June 2016.

-High School