iPad Collection 2017

iPad Collection:

  • May 18th:  8th grade and non-returning 6th and 7th grade students
  • May 19th:  6th and 7th grade

Students will be checking in their iPads during their core class.  Teachers will be inspecting iPads for damage.  Students that currently have issues with their iPad (cracked screen, obstructed head phone jack, volume issues) need to bring their iPad to the library as soon as possible for repair.

EVERY student will be required to turn in the Apple issued charging cube with their iPad this year.  Students that do not have their charging cube or have the wrong charging cube will be issued a $19 fee.  Students with outstanding fees will not be able to participate in Game Day on May 22.  

For more information see links below:

8th Grade and Non-Returning Students

6th and 7th Grade